What We Teach

HopeWorks offers a six to eight week class that addresses the spiritual, economic and social health of each individual that attends.  See our Calendar page for upcoming class dates

We use curriculum which covers:

  • Visionguys involved
  • Responsibility
  • Self Esteem
  • Faith
  • Discipline
  • Planning
  • Work
  • Wealth
  • Love

These Sessions are given by "several wonderful teachers, all with a listening heart". (quote from one of our students!)  To see a list of our staff, their bios and photos, see our contact page.


Spiritual Health

At HopeWorks, we believe that true and lasting transformation is only achieved through a deep and abiding relationship with our Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Every staff member and volunteer at HopeWorks is a Christian who is responding to the calling of God to serve this ministry and model Christ in their life.  In order to assist our students in developing that deep and abiding relationship with Christ which leads to transformation we offer the following classes:

  • Freedom in Christ - A course to help set people free from the Hurts, Habits and Hang-ups that keep them from experiencing the full, free, victorious life that Christ has intended for all his people.  The Freedom in Christ material is a 12-lesson course that finishes with a several hour repentance and renewal process applying all the principles that were learned in the course.  During the 12 weeks, students will grapple with topics such as a deeper understanding of the Good News of Christ, the freedom that comes from true biblical forgiveness, how to win the battle for your mind with the Truth of Christ, how to identify and remove Satan's deceptions or traps, etc.  Additional resources that are used in the class can be found at Set Free Ministries.
  • Holistic Hardware - The tools of Holistic Hardware are designed for counselors, ministers, social workers, mentors, helping professionals, and volunteers who want to help people in crisis to help themselves. The materials are packaged as a full "set of tools" for flexible teaching approaches, and they can be adapted to individual needs and educational levels.  Using time-tested principles, Biblical and real-life role models, dramatic sketches, and inspirational testimonies, Holistic Hardware focuses on the ten key tools that people need to achieve personal progress.  Examples of the tools include the Responsibility Tool, Vision Tool, Faith Tool, Planning Tool, Work Tool, Wealth Tool, etc.

  • Spirituality Class -  This class is lead by evangelists from our sister ministry, River City Ministry, that focuses on helping our students to go deeper in their relationship with God by discovering who they are in Christ, how we live in relationship with God and within his kingdom, as well as encouraging them to spend time in prayer and meditation to discover what God has created, designed, and called them to do and be.

Through these three main efforts, as well as through our instructors and volunteers seeking to model a Christian lifestyle, we pray that our students will develop a passion for Christ and that deeper and abiding relationship with Jesus that leads to true life transformation and the growth of the Kingdom of God.

Economic Health

Another portion of our classes is the "Worknet Career Development Workshop". Lessons cover

  • Career Development
  • Career Planning
  • Overcoming Barriers
  • Marketing Yourself

The teachers use workbooks to help students find their dream career, then teach them how to pursue it.  The last week of class is for working on cover letters, applications, and resumés. The teachers instruct students on how to keep their application in the running for a job.

Social Health

Throughout our program, we help our students find encouraging mentors in their life and better understand interpersonal relationships.  The class starts with several games to make everybody feel comfortable. Then students find out what "color" personality they are.

From one of our students: "I, was BLUE/RED which means I'm very organized but kinda bossy. My husband was Yellow. He always wants to have fun! This was very enlightening! and a lot of fun!!!"

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